Sander Bosma
Sander BosmaSenior Agile Consultant
To do what I like best: help people and organizations improve their way of working by providing structure, adding fun and giving feedback. In my experience a Lean-Agile context provides a great fundament to do this and deliver value at the same time.

I strongly belief each individual in an organization is willing to give his or her best when given the right circumstances. He or she will be able to change once they understand the reasons behind the change and when they are encouraged and facilitated to change. It is the organization’s leadership that is responsible to create the right circumstances, encouragement and to facilitate change. The most successful organizations give their people autonomy, won’t let them do wasteful work and are transparent about the vision and purpose of the organization. Because of the many different roles I’ve had in the past, my analytical skills and my empathy I’ve become an expert in helping and advising leadership on this continuous journey.